MS/DOJ log
This is where I keep my comments and information about the Microsoft/Department of Justice case
I am not a lawyer, nor really that close to the case, so be warned that reading what I have to say is like listening to sports-radio after a game. I have, though, been through lots of civil litigation, and have followed (and been part of) the industry for over 25 years. I also try to bring different perspectives than you may be used to. I do not hate Microsoft, and very much appreciate all the good that it has brought to the world (and there is a lot if you believe in personal computers). I do, though, know that we are a society based on laws and feelings about how we want the world to work and that there are realities of how it actually does work. This case opens up a lot of these issues.

General comments in log form.
Why do people feel so strongly about this issue? What is the background in our heritage that relates to competition?
Here's where I point out interesting things about the Findings of Fact.
Here are links I've found that may be useful if you are looking into this case.

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