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==> This is old -- from 1999-2001 -- but still interesting

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Popular pages
Ethical issues: In the Microsoft/Department of Justice case, why do people feel so strongly about the issue of monopoly? What is the background in our heritage that relates to competition?

Ballot Usability in Florida: Comments about the usability problems with the ballot in the November 2000 Presidential election in Palm Beach.

Stowaway Keyboard: A firsthand report of using a foldable keyboard for PDAs like the Pilot III:

Half unfolded

Cell Towers: Disguising cellular telephone antennas as trees:

Cell tower looking like an evergreen tree

Fall Comdex 1999 log: What I saw in many pictures and words. Here's a picture from the CRN Hall of Fame award ceremony of Philippe Kahn and Steve Ballmer:

Philippe kissing Steve on the cheek

What life's like when doing public relations: On January 14, 2000, I wrote about being interviewed both by the Washington Post and an early morning radio news broadcast on the topic of Bill Gates' job change, and how personal web journals change the balance between reporters and those they cover.

Some pictures from the log entries:
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How people look at Mona Lisa

Gates dressed as Austin Gates
Austin Gates, "Sultan of Software"

Howard standing in front of the group informally
Howard Anderson speaking at a small dinner

Water main
Water main from 1929

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