We created an enhanced version of VisiCalc called VisiCalc Advanced Version, with features such as variable width columns, improved formatting, and keystroke macros. Unfortunately for us, we implemented it first for the Apple ///, releasing it in late 1982, and then the Apple //e -- the IBM PC version wasn't until much later, and that was done in a higher-level language to ease porting instead of fast assembly code (a strategy similar to that taken by Microsoft with its Multiplan spreadsheet, and the developers of Context MBA). Lotus Development Corporation shipped their advanced spreadsheet 1-2-3 in early 1983. It was written in assembly code and was tuned very carefully to the IBM PC. For many reasons, 1-2-3 quickly replaced VisiCalc (and SuperCalc, and Multiplan, and every other spreadsheet of the day) as the dominant spreadsheet on the IBM PC just as the IBM PC was being widely adopted by large businesses (and probably helped that adoption along, too, of course).

VisiCalc Advanced Version, "Most Popular Program" awards from a magazine's readers for IBM VisiCalc and Apple III VisiCalc Advanced Version

We also produced a new product, TK!Solver, to facilitate engineering and scientific calculations. With the rights later sold to other companies, TK!Solver continued to be sold for many years.